Our seperate 'incubation room' ensures that we maintain high levels of hygene to prevent any contamination.

Eggs are collected three times daily, and then washed and graded by our automatic egg sanitation machine, which completely washes and sanitizes without damage to the eggs and embryo’s.

The hatchery has the capcity to hatch 48,000 pheasant eggs per week. We hatch on a Monday and 'Day Old' chicks are delivered to our customers within 8 hours of hatching, ensuring chicks have the best possible start in life.

Our continuous attention to using a strict biological control system minimises the risk of cross contamination. Therefore guaranteeing that only strong, healthy chicks are being produced.


Our Pheasant and Partridge are reared on fresh grass annually. Having 125 acres owned land and the same tenanted we have the flexibility to move around the farm, not returning to the same field for several seasons.

We aim to produce the highest quality chicks and poults and to this end we employ the services of Kim De Vries of St David's Poultry Team, whom post-mortems and monitors the health of each batch weekly, ensuring consistant high quality birds.

As per best practice, our Poults are caught late in the evening and travel through the early hours to be at their destination by daybreak.

Our policy of using four-wheel drive delivery vehicles, to deliver the poults directly to the pens, is a factor that helps reduce stress and ensures a smooth transition to their new home.


Each consignment is accompanied by a delivery note, which clearly states the number of birds, time of loading, time of arrival and other relevant management information.