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Game birds

Laying UnitsOur experience in the business of rearing game birds extends back over 25 Years. Established at Knowle Hill for thirteen years but have been involved in Farming and livestock for our entire lives.

The first step to producing a healthy poult is healthy laying stock. We take every precaution in selection of our stock, and will only use eggs produced ourselves, our stock is inspected regularly throughout the year by our vet and birds are taken for testing to prevent problems arising.

As our business continues to grow we have been able to breed more varieties of high quality game birds

CatfishFishing and Shooting

We also provide organised game shoots and offer fishing with Lodge Accomodation at Bishopsdale, in the Heart of Kent.

Specimen carp, catfish and other freshwater fish in our well stocked lake.

Day tickets available.

Please contact our gamekeeper

Steve Clout

07703 686861

for more details.